Why Choose Us

To turn Brouq to a Multi-Industry as well as a Multi-Brand organization, and to take the snack category to higher, healthier level. We believe that the sky is our limit.
Brouq has steadfast commitment to quality and believes that it begins with each and every member in the company.
Apart of the continuous investment in IT, Machinery and Logistics to cope up with the growth in turnover, we believe that the real investment remains in the human resources.
As a key drive of growth in any organization, Brouq invests on creating new product as well as packaging concepts. Many ideas have been launched and quite few are on the pipeline.

Our Services

Food & Beverages Trading

With our clients’ base and the growing market share which makes us one of the leading food trading companies in Qatar, Brouq can be involved in reselling of canned, preserved and frozen foodstuff, or any of the items mentioned in this class.
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Repackaging Services

As an additional step to provide a full service in the HoReCa business, we include the repacking services, which engage the companies working in bulky goods field where we can refill in consumer or commercial packs to make it ready for final consumption or export.
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Foodstuff Supply

Our operations at Brouq includes supplying, by contracts, fresh or canned foodstuff to other entities for direct consumption or for industrial use.
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